Put your school forms online to save time and money

Inform, Reform, and Transform…
Learn How to Get Your School Forms Online

Hosted by Kate Arney-Cimino

Why you should join our webinar:

This is a lot of promise from one feature, but with Spring fundraisers, graduation, etc., there’s always a need to collect information, and collect money. The Edlio forms feature is included in our CMS package and is unlimited. There’s even a contest happening where existing Edlio clients can win money using it! 

What you'll learn:

  • Why forms will help with engagement, enrollment, & fundraising
  • How to build a quick Edlio form
  • How to attach payments to a form
  • What to do with the data once the form is filled out
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What is Kendra Full

Edlio is a technology company that simplifies and streamlines school’s communication with their students, families, and community.

With over 20 years exclusively in the K-12 arena, Edlio created a digital platform to combine all of the digital systems schools are using into one place (website, parent communication, online school payments, forms, emails, etc), and we made it easy to use. We made it specifically for educators, not tech people. We built it with the goal in mind to engage parents, because we know that the common goal for Edlio and schools is to increase academic outcomes, and that happens when parents and communities are engaged. 

"Edlio provided us with a blend of expertise, creativity, attention to detail and exceptional customer service...Our key content is highly optimized for search engines and readily accessible to our visitors."

"Edlio has been a wonderful partner as the school division worked to remove possible barriers on the site for our disabled community...I can't thank the team at Edlio enough for all the time and effort they have devoted to resolving the website issues that were identified."

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