Leo and his favorite teacher here to address the teacher shortage

Is your school affected by the teacher shortage? We're here to help!

At Edlio, we're proud to partner with over 16,000 schools in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Every day it is our privilege to serve the educators who are actively working to make a difference for students everywhere.

We see you, and we want to help however we can! We know that the teacher shortage has made a significant impact on schools and districts nationwide, so we've pulled together some resources we hope will help you address this problem in your school community.

And in the meantime, if there's anything we can do to help you harness the power of technology to improve your school and solve your problems, please reach out and let us know!

Facts About the Teacher Shortage: Did You Know?


90% of NEA member teachers reported that burnout is a serious problem for them in 2022.


In the same group, more than 80% report that unfilled job openings in their building have left them burdened with extra work.


More than half (55%) of these educators plan to leave the profession earlier than they originally planned.

Pro Tip: Build a Recruitment Page on Your Website

Want to recruit the best teachers for your school? Build a page on your school website to advertise your current openings! We've built an example for you here, or you can watch the video below for a step-by-step walk-through to see how easy it is to do this with your Edlio CMS!


How to Market Your School

Marketing your school isn't just about finding new students. You can also use marketing to...

  • advertise openings for teaching positions
  • showcase the hard work of your current teachers and students
  • attract new faculty & staff to join your school community

11 Things Teachers Want

Are you using your school technology platform to...

  • recruit the best teacher candidates to fill your open positions?
  • lighten the workload for your existing teachers so that they will want to renew their contracts with you?
  • showcase your school's unique culture & community to attract the best staff to join you?

Your School Marketing Questions Answered

We're answering YOUR school marketing questions so that you can use your school website and communications platform to attract and retain the best students AND teachers!

Miguel with School 2

Are you recruiting & retaining the best teachers?

Is your school website supporting you in this effort to avoid the impact of the teacher shortage? If not, we'd love to talk to you about Edlio. Click the button to book a demo with us!

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