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Want to combat the teacher shortage at your school or district?

Harness your school technology platform to recruit—and retain—the best teachers for your school. Download our FREE ebook, "11 Things Teachers Want from Your School Technology Platform" today!

Teacher Dreaming of Laptop

The teacher shortage is real.

Now, more than ever, teachers need support. It’s time to rethink every aspect of your system, to question whether it’s truly attracting and supporting the teachers you need. Though this task may feel overwhelming, a good place to start is with the public face of your school or district: your digital communications platform.

In this ebook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use your school website to take workload off teachers' plates
  • Harness your communications platform to streamline tasks for school-to-home messaging
  • Increase accountability and time spent focusing on instruction
  • Recruit new teachers using your school technology platform

Download our FREE ebook:

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Boost your Technology Platform and Fight the Teacher Shortage with These Resources Designed Specifically for K-12 School Leaders

What is Kendra Full

Edlio is a technology company that simplifies and streamlines school’s communication with their students, families, and community.

With over 20 years exclusively in the K-12 arena, Edlio created a digital platform to combine all of the digital systems schools are using into one place (website, parent communication, online school payments, forms, emails, etc), and we made it easy to use. We made it specifically for educators, not tech people. We built it with the goal in mind to engage parents, because we know that the common goal for Edlio and schools is to increase academic outcomes, and that happens when parents and communities are engaged.