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An intentional, aligned school communication strategy can mean the difference between having an engaged school community and having to constantly put out fires. Read on for our best resources on school communication strategies & best practices.

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What questions can we answer?

What is marketing for schools & why is it important?
How can different types of schools market themselves effectively?
When should I be
using SEO strategies?
Where can you find 
support for your school marketing strategy?


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Regardless of the type of school you are, marketing is an essential component for connecting with your community.

Marketing your school allows you to:

   Connect with current students & families and keep them engaged

  Educate prospective students & families about what your school offers

  Involve your community in your school culture & activities

Whether you’re a public school looking to attract families to move into your district or a private school hoping to boost enrollment, marketing can help you do that. 

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is what visitors see when they come to you, whether they visit your school building or your website. Marketing is what you do to bring awareness to your brand and to connect with your audience. Your school communication is an equally important part of your marketing efforts, because that’s what stakeholders encounter when you go to them.

Your school marketing strategy needs to bring all of these elements into alignment:

  • Branding
  • Stakeholders
  • Messaging
  • Communication Channels


Hear from your colleagues:

“A lot of times, especially nowadays, everybody is looking at your website as a reflection of how you function as a school. We could be the town's best kept secret as far as education is concerned, but that doesn't help our enrollment numbers. By having a nice web presence, we're able to share what our kids are doing in the classroom. Edlio gets the information out there in the easiest way possible and making it look as though we spent the time to make it look just right.”

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How can different types of schools market themselves effectively?

Public Schools:

  • Establish and encourage school spirit in your local community
  • Increase revenue from fundraisers and ticketed events
  • Attract qualified teacher candidates
  • Involve families and community members in school activities

Private Schools:

  • Attract prospective students & their families
  • Explain your school’s mission and vision
  • Encourage alumni to keep in touch with the school
  • Connect with community sponsors and stakeholders

Charter Schools:

  • Boost enrollment or participation in the annual lottery
  • Promote your school’s unique offerings for local families
  • Educate the local community about school activities and events
  • Engage with current families & alumni

Hear from your colleagues:

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“What we do with Edlio is being able to share as much information and showcase the amazing things that are happening in our schools. You’re at a school and a lot of amazing things happen every day, and we're always looking at how we could provide wins for our community, our superintendent, and our board. The website is the easiest way to do that, so that's a way that we try to use it— to highlight the successes and not just information sharing.”

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When should I be using SEO strategies?kids in window

SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” and it’s a term that describes the process of creating a website and filling it with content that is likely to help your website rank higher in search engine results.

For some schools, a high search engine ranking is more important than for others, but every school can benefit from an optimized website.

When you build the pages and content on your website, try to keep SEO in mind:

  • Create pages that answer the most frequently asked questions you receive from your stakeholders
  • Include keyword phrases that people are likely to search for in relation to your school
  • Repeat these phrases a few times each on your pages to achieve a higher ranking
  • Use accessibility tools, like alt text for images, to incorporate more keywords into your website content


Hear from your colleagues:

“Edlio provided us with a blend of expertise, creativity, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service. Our key content is highly optimized for search engines and readily accessible to our visitors."

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How do marketing and communication go together?

Even if you don’t regularly think about marketing your school, you are certainly engaged in marketing activities. Everything you do for your school communication is part of your marketing.

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Your school communication platform includes:

    • Your website (including individual teacher sites/pages, sports team sites/pages, etc.)
    • Your email newsletter
    • Your school notification system
    • The apps you use - whether your own branded mobile app or third-party communication apps
    • Your social media outlets

Your school communication should always…

    • Reach the right people where they want to be reached
    • Provide the information that’s important to your stakeholders
    • Represent your school’s mission and branding
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Hear from your colleagues:

“I can now refer families to the website for resources like getting food and mental health and food pantry locations. But I also put some fun things up there like a jellyfish cam at the aquarium in Monterey that they can watch online. All the different content helps people get a sense of our school’s community.”

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