More Than Just CMS: Lynwood Unified School District Partners with Edlio to Build a Creative School Website

Patrick Gittisriboongul, Assistant Superintendent of Innovation and Technology at Lynwood Unified School District, headed the district’s efforts to rebrand their connection with the district community. With Patrick’s long history with Edlio at different schools, he knew that Edlio would provide a much-needed revamp of their online presence. Lynwood Unified found that Edlio is much more than a CMS provider, but a valuable partner and fully loaded web suite.

Lynwood USD features a creative school website, built and powered by Edlio

Lynwood Unified School


  Location: Lynwood, CA

  School Type: District 

  Population: 13,245 Students

  Age Group: K-12


 Connect with their community & families

  Reach families via email, voice, and text

Showcase their students & teachers with a video gallery

 Own a unique website to represent their unique district

Lynwood USD blockquote _We continue to work with Edlio because they have built a relationship over time. It is great having access to the CSS team and knowing that you will be able to reach someone that can help with all our questions._

The Search for a Creative School Website

Lynwood Unified, using School Loop as their website provider, attempted to make their website unique with event pages and content but the platform limited their efforts. Aiming to connect with the community and engage with families, the district wanted something to display their long-term needs, such as community outreach.

“The whole reason for our search was part of our rebranding efforts. We wanted to make sure that we reach parents and students in a way that is meaningful to them,” Patrick mentions.
Lynwood Unified not only needed a new platform that worked to consolidate their schools’ content, but the district also wanted a provider that could help revamp their school brand. “We needed a new logo, strategic plan for outreach marketing, and to take a look at our current web presence with a provider that offered a simple and easy-to-use interface that was efficient for our community,” Patrick commented.

When searching for solutions, Lynwood Unified established a relationship with Edlio through collaboration with Edlio’s team of specialists. "We continue to work with Edlio because they have built a relationship over time,” Patrick revealed. “It is great having access to the CSS team and knowing that you will be able to reach someone that can help with all our questions."

History and Support

Patrick’s product journey with CMS platforms did not start at Lynwood, but began at Montebello Unified.

“When I was at another school, Ali, Edlio’s CEO, and their team worked extensively on developing the school’s CMS. I wanted to bring the team to the new school in 2005 because of the support.” Lynwood USD blockquote _When I was at another school, Ali, Edlios CEO, and their team worked extensively on developing the schools CMS._

With his shifting roles at different districts, Patrick sought to involve Edlio’s team in the new locations because of Edlio’s ease of use and communication. "From using them in Huntington Beach, bringing them to Lynwood, and now back again at Lynwood, they have been nothing but exceptional and positive," Patrick adds.

Aside from being their CMS provider, Patrick noted the collaboration between the school and Edlio with district-community events. “When we formed an association for Asian American public school administrators,” Patrick commented, “Edlio always stepping up and offered to help support our efforts.”

This was not the only moment of the school’s connection with Edlio. Patrick also recounts his time at Lynwood where Edlio engaged with the school community for one of their events.

“When we were developing a digital learning leadership academy with our administrators, Edlio’s team was gracious enough to host and share their experiences,” Patrick shares. “Ali shared his experience as CEO of Edlio, what he saw in the private sector, and how he is there to support educators. Edlio is a company that is truly passionate about education.”

What’s Next For Lynwood Unified

With the coming shift in brand marketing, Lynwood Unified chose to continue with Edlio where they can rely on the support and relationship that comes along with the company.

"Edlio was there every step of the way. I can't say enough about that process, and so that's why we continue to work with Edlio.” Patrick explains. “We continue to review, invest, and try to find out what other tools Edlio has to offer."

Lynwood Unified didn't stop at using Edlio’s CMS but also took advantage of the other services offered in Edlio’s web suite to further their reach out to the community. The greater reach added modes of interaction for the community and made the information more widely available.

"We deployed and piloted many of Edlio’s communications tools such as Edlio Broadcast to send mass notifications," Patrick reveals. “ We also love to use the video gallery, post news, and use the alerts feature to make important messages stand out for families."

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Final Thoughts

With full involvement, Lynwood developed a relationship with Edlio and took full advantage of the plethora of features and tools offered in the web suite.

When speaking about using Edlio, Patrick describes his efforts to bring Edlio to the different districts because he supports Edlio’s innovation. "It's not just a platform,” Patrick praises, “it's the long-term relationship piece from inception and I can’t say enough about the support that we received from Edlio."


Lynwood USD blockquote _Its not just a platform, its the long-term relationship piece from inception and I cant say enough about the support that we received from Edlio._

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