The Need for Transparency: Imagine Charter School Transitions to Online School Payment Solutions with OSP by Edlio

As the business manager at Imagine Charter School, Michele Triana aimed to make payment processing more accessible and transparent for families and staff. Previously only able to accept cash payments, Imagine Charter witnessed another school in their district’s success with OSP’s online solutions. By switching to OSP by Edlio, Imagine Charter School now has a secure means of accepting payment that is trackable, efficient, and allows effortless payments and funding processing.

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Imagine Charter Schools


  Location: United States

  School Type: Charter 

  Population: 38,000 Students

  Age Group: PK-12


  Accept contactless payments during COVID & beyond

  Track payments easily & securely

  Make payments easier for parents & staff


A Need for Contactless Payment Options

Imagine Charter relied on school funding and scholarship donations, so the school leaders began their search for an electronic payment system. The main purpose of the new system would be to provide families with an easily accessible way to pay for school activities while students and families were away from campus.

“We didn’t use credit cards before, and when everything happened last year [with COVID], we needed a way to collect payments electronically,” Michele revealed.

Each year, the school also wanted to provide certainty and reliability to families and auditors about payment reports. In order to provide this, Imagine Charter needed a cashless payment option.

“Cash is one of those things in any school, and in any business, that requires extra tracking,” Michele discussed. “Cash can disappear, so if you're creating opportunities for parents to pay for things wirelessly or without the use of cash, it's more secure. As a public school, we get audited every year, so having exact amounts is critical.”


A Neighboring School Offers a Solution

Imagine Charter searched for solutions to make payments more accessible and provide families transparency, but it wasn't until they saw one of their sister school’s success with OSP by Edlio that they were inspired to revamp their payment system.

“We found Edlio on Google when we looked online for options and noticed that one of our district schools used OSP,” Michele disclosed. “We saw their school store and instantly knew that we wanted to look into it further.”


Tracking Funds Securely & Easily

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Imagine Charter found that OSP proved beneficial to the school through its security and ease of use. The Online Teacher Receipting (OTR) feature was a real standout, as it ensured that all money coming through the system was trackable.

“Processes are a lot different because now there's a paper trail, whether it be by credit card or by check,” Michele continues. “We can receive payments and there's less opportunity for loss.”

With OSP, parents are not limited in where and when they can make payments. “Parents like the convenience of credit card payments that they can make from their homes,” Michele says. “We can also call parents on the phone and collect information to make payments quickly.”

Imagine Charter School also receives funding every month, and that process involves various bank visits with individual staff members being responsible for deposits. Now, using OSP, Imagine receives their funding automatically. “The school can receive our funding in a more streamlined way because we get our funding twice a month, simplifying it into only two transactions,” Michele praises.

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Final Thoughts

Imagine Charter School is part of a group of schools headed by a charter management organization. Despite being a part of the group, the schools are autonomous and are responsible for their own sales and connections. This being said, Imagine Charter is proud to let their sister schools know about the simplicity of using OSP by Edlio.

“We are very open about giving feedback to our sister schools. They would often ask which service we use when accepting online and credit card payments. We are very vocal about sharing our success with OSP.”

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