How Chatsworth Charter School Fostered Student Growth with their Edlio Website using Marketing for Charter Schools Best Practices

Chatsworth Charter School wanted to improve their student participation and leadership. They hadn't had a full website before Edlio but they wanted to take advantage of the many features that Edlio has to offer. Vahan Minnassian, Magnet coordinator and computer science teacher, found Edlio to be the perfect solution to expand the student experience and allow for their professional growth and allow a way for families to see the progress of the school.

Chatsworth Charter used marketing for charter schools to update their website

Chatsworth Charter High School


  Location: Chatsworth, CA

  School Type: Charter 

  Population: 1,758 Students

  Age Group: 9-12


  Build their first school website

  Allow students to take ownership over the website

Easily manage users & permissions

Chatsworth no website quoteSeeking Student Involvement

Vahan Minnassian has been at the center of student activities as the Magnet Coordinator. Activities have been a point of student growth in the school and they wanted their platform to display this.

“We hadn't had a website before Edlio and I don't want to manage everything for the students. We thought of ways to increase student involvement so they can grow,” Vahan comments. “We still needed to figure out what we needed and how Edlio fit into it further.”


Ease of Use & Navigation

Looking through the vast catalog of available features at the school’s disposal, Vahan started investigating what features were going to be the most beneficial for the students’ and school’s development.

“I see the features being implemented and I can see the school using additional features in the future. It has made it easier for me to use and navigate and it is exactly what we need,” Vahan describes.

Vahan found that the greatest way to have students learn is to be involved alongside their teachers. With Edlio’s permissions features, students are able to securely manipulate website pages under proper guidance and instruction from the school staff.

“We’ve been tasking the kids with actually managing pages on the website. I don't want to manage everything and every little item when they can use the experience to grow. I love the fact that I can give a kid a section, they can manipulate it how they want for their group,” Vahan mentions. “I also enjoy that I can limit their permissions and they don't have access to everything, so we are able to keep everything secure and monitored by teachers.”


Chatsworth showcase quoteFundraising & Enrollment

Through their new collaboration with the staff, students have taken on new internship-like roles in the school environments and have learned foundational skills along the way. Student leaders at Chatsworth take ownership of specific pages on the website affiliated with student organizations and clubs. In this way, they’re able to learn technical skills and also contribute to the culture of their school by helping to keep the website updated with fresh information.

“It’s great that we can make little interns out of the students and they can use the Edlio website and at the same time they're getting skills,“ says Vahan.

The Chatsworth website has become the mode of information that the school community relies on for information regarding everything school related.

"The website is the showcase piece. Families rely on the information that is on the website and all the school updates revolve around the website."

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"The website is the showcase piece. Families rely on the information that is on the website and all the school updates revolve around the website." How #ChatsworthCharter uses their @Edlio site for all communication: #edlio #edchat

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Final Thoughts: Marketing for Charter Schools

Chatsworth Charter School is pleased to know that Edlio is dedicated to making their site easier to manage and navigate. They are aware of the refinements and updates that Edlio has been adding and are eager to find places where they can further integrate Edlio’s features into their school operations.

“Our efforts to go cashless have us looking into more of Edlio’s features. It's increasingly more organized, with inventory limits, ticket management systems, and more. Even with some of the current features I can see tweaks and improvements that have us assured that Edlio has evolved for the better,” Vahan praises.


Chatsworth Charter screenshot

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