How Abbott ISD Streamlined Their Teacher and Parent Communication with Edlio

Eric Pustejovsky is Superintendent at Abbott Independent School District, a small PreK-12 district in Texas. With a mission to make sure every child succeeds in the classroom, Eric and his staff added Edlio Broadcast to their toolkit for streamlined communication with families. Staff and parents alike love how easily Broadcast fits into their daily routines.

Abbott ISD uses Edlio to power their teacher and parent communication through their school website

Abbott ISD 


  Location: Abbott, TX

  School Type: District 

  Population: 275 Students

  Age Group: PK-12


 Implement alternatives to voice calls for outreach

  Streamline communication channels within the district

Reach parents in the way that works best for each family

 Partner with Edlio for long-term success


The Challenge: Disconnected Messaging

Abbout ISD Quote 3“We started to notice that more and more of our parents seem to prefer to receive information via text,” says Eric Pustejovsky.

Abbott ISD was using a service to send weekly voice calls to parents for announcements and schedules for each day. While these worked well for Sunday evenings, they found other messages were not as successful.

“If we had to do an emergency announcement, or just an update announcement during the week, parents would get a little annoyed by voice calls during the day,” Eric explains. “We wanted an alternative to them having to answer the phone, listen to the call out message, and then get back to work.”

They were also relying on staff members and coaches to push out information to parents. One coach would send updates via a Facebook group, others would use various apps. “So the issue we had was parent confusion,” says Eric. “They had to remember ‘okay, this coach uses this format, I have to go find that.’”


The Solution for Teacher and Parent Communication

BroadcastAbbott ISD has been using Edlio’s content management system (CMS) for their website since 2011. When it came time to review new solutions for direct messaging, Edlio Broadcast’s ease of use and integration with the CMS stood out. “As an administrator it's so much easier to deal with one streamlined program,” says Eric. “Everything is housed under one roof and is super easy. I don’t have to learn multiple systems.”

Edlio’s support was also key. “Somebody was in here the other day and had a question,” Eric explains. “I said, ‘let me ask Misty!’ I think that’s big, that I can put a name to that person. It’s not like ‘let me contact Edlio’ it’s ‘let me go talk to Misty and she’ll give me the answers.’”


The Result: A Unified Community

Abbout ISD Quote 2“Parents have been very appreciative that they only have to look for one means of communication: text message,” says Eric. “It's just so much easier and fits into the habits that they're already doing.”

Abbott ISD has found a balance that keeps everyone informed without being intrusive. They have found parents don't mind getting quick text updates throughout the week.

“Yesterday we had a varsity basketball game that was cancelled. That was a perfect use of the Broadcast system,” Eric explains. “I can push that one-time information to all the stakeholders. They can just look on their phone to see the game has been canceled.”

Weekly voice announcements continue using Edlio Broadcast, with summary of the week ahead and reminders of upcoming events and due dates. They haven’t explored the email channel yet, but they do plan on sending emergency alerts on all channels, including their website. Edlio Broadcast makes that quick and easy with the integration to Edlio CMS.

“Edlio makes it really easy, and I'm not just ‘commercial talking’ for you guys. I spend a lot of time on the platform on a weekly and almost daily basis, so I really mean when I just said.”

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Final Thoughts

When asked to share advice he would give to other schools using digital communication tools, Eric says “Take your time, research the products that are out there and find what works. Hopefully everything that works for you will be streamlined on one platform. For us, that's been Edlio. It's just really simplified my life in terms of pushing information out to our community and our stakeholders.”

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Do you want to streamline your communication strategy? One solution, one password, one platform: Edlio CMS + Broadcast could be the answer for your school or district. Schedule a call with our team:

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